One in a million

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Dioniso Punk

Do you think a bunch of flowers is enough to be “the one in a million”?

We are all one in a million. Flowers mean “be yourself without thinking of other people´s opinions”. Be yourself and you will be successful — not applicable to Bond villains. Sure, you need luck, and basically a lot of work and sweat. Some people like your work or not, but if you do what you do, without betraying yourself, you always win.

Your Espermatozoides Chico is one of the most shared picture on the Internet: are you happy about this?

I drew it years ago, paper and markers. I tried hard but I couldn´t improve it digitally. I love it because it’s so fresh and spontaneous. I don´t know how, but one night I discovered that the picture was shared by Paulo Coelho on his Facebook, and it had thousand of likes. After that…

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